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The Lord’s Ring cross jewelry was created to be a bold witness of the saving grace of Christ’s sacrifice for us. The church is the "Bride of Christ" and this silver cross ring speaks to the privilege of that relationship.

Just as an engagement ring signifies a groom’s promise to his bride, as a Christian, this ring with its gold cross symbolizes our engagement to the Lord and His promise to return for us. (Revelation 19:7)

The Lord’s cross ring was designed as a symbolic representation of the gospel message. The ring’s gap represents man’s separation from God due to sin. The gold cross represents the blood of Christ and the price he paid for our sin. The cross bridges the gap and symbolizes God’s forgiving grace to all who believe in Him.

The Lord’s Ring on the hand is a constant reminder of who lives in the heart. To those who ask the question, "What does The Lord’s Ring mean?" we respond with the message of the good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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925 Sterling Silver • Stainless Steel no longer available
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