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We would love to hear how the Lord has used you and this ring to bring forth His message. Please email us with your stories at: info@thelordsring.com

Leesa Bellesi

I am one that has always looked for and worn jewelry or T-Shirts that might give me a "foot in the door" with people, letting them know of my enthusiasm of sharing Jesus.

I have Cross earrings that start conversations and necklaces that bring up questions and compliments, but nothing like the "Lord's Ring" have I had as a part of my witnessing MoJo!

We look at our hands at least 100 times a day. The Lord's Ring is for all of us that want to stay on the narrow road. We all need reminders to keep running the race for Christ. To not let that computer mouse click the wrong thing on the Internet, to not buy that ticket for the "R" rated movie that everyone else is going to see. We use our hands to serve and we can use those same hands to harm us and others. Just in the short time that I have been wearing the Lords Ring it has reminded me of His promises and the promises I have made to others. I know God will keep His vow and I want to always keep my vow I made to Him when I prayed to ask Him in my heart, when I got married to my husband Denny and when I committed to raise my children to serve Him.

I love the Lord's Ring and out of my desire to hear WELL DONE good and faithful servant from Him one day I will wear it every day for the rest of my life.

Everyone wears crosses now days, but it's really hard to know where a person REALLY is spiritually. I look forward to the day when I run into someone who has a Lord's Ring on and we can have that instant bond of knowing we are both believers running the race together. That's sweet unity!

Leesa Bellesi
Co-Founder - Kingdom Assignment International
Home of the WELL DONE Awards and American Idol Ministry Resource
Author, Speaker, Blogger, Warm-Up Artist

Rebecca Brooks

The Lord's Ring is so beautiful. I love to wear it and am so thankful to have it. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of God's reality in my life, Jesus' love for me, and my hope in Him.

I have had many people ask about my ring and have therefore had many opportunities to share the gospel. I try to keep it simple, which the ring allows. I point to the jewel and tell them that it represents heaven. I then point to the other side and say, "this is us living on Earth." I point to the gap and say, "there is no way we can cross that chasm to heaven without walking across the bridge of Jesus' cross." Then depending on the person, I either ask: "Are you a Christian?" or, "have you walked across the bridge Jesus made for you?" or, "will you go to heaven when you die?" Great discussion follows. The Lord's Ring is such an excellent evangelistic tool because first, it brings up the gospel at times it may not usually come up (i.e. checking out at the grocery store, etc.) and second, because it creates such an easy way to explain the gospel.

Thank you for The Lord's Ring!

Jason HeLal

Merry Christmas Uncle Andrew. By the way, Anne loves the ring you sent her. She shows it to everyone and tells the meaning each time. Best wishes for 2010 for your family and career! - Jason

Rob Brooks

The Lord’s Ring is a beautiful reminder, in a world of competing philosophies and religions, that only the cross of Jesus can bridge the gap between us and God. What human beings could never do by their own efforts, God has done in the death of His Son. What a magnificent and glorious truth! With the ring, I have a simple yet powerful illustration of the gospel right on my hand, available to use any time an opportunity presents itself. I love having a Christian ring that can display my faith wherever I go, and one that is attractive and masculine as well. Thank you for giving us a tool to help us share our belief in Jesus, and I pray that God will use it to touch many people’s lives for His kingdom.

A.J. Ali

I love The Lord's Ring because every time I look down at it, I am reminded of the Lord's love for me and His sacrifice for me.  For ME!  I'm also reminded to share that love, to serve Him and to bring others to a closer relationship with Him.

My best, A.J. Ali
Writer - Producer - Host
Co-Founder, Marathon of Miracles
Co-Author, The True Champion's 30-Day Challenge
CEO, Eclipse Sports & Entertainment

Wendy Parise

I take The Lords ring off every night and place it next to my bed. As I
awake each morning I reach for His ring and place it on my finger. This act which has now become ritual provides a daily reminder to take up the cross and follow Jesus. I can't think of a better way to begin a day in dedication to Him.

Then Jesus said to his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, he must
deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." - Matthew 16:24.

Thank you Lords ring for the daily reminder!

Jubilant Sykes

The Lords Ring is an attractive ring. One would assume that the person wearing the ring is probably a true follower of Christ because of the rings meaning and that makes for great moments of sharing. You also know it is more than just a fashion statement but a statement of faith.

Very cool. - Jubilant

Andrew HeLal

My wife (Rachel), sister-in-law (Diane), niece (Cathi) and nieces-in-law (Donna & Anne) were all surprised and spiritually touched when they received their gift in time for Christmas. This was my way of expressing my love for them and our bond in Christ Jesus.

Thank you and God bless you, Andrew.

Chuck Parise

I have been in sales for many years and was always looking for ways to bring Christ into my work. As one of the founders of The Lords Ring I have the unique opportunity to give testimony of the saving blood of Christ as I'm telling everyone about the Lords Ring and what it symbolizes.

Now my days consist of nothing but His word. How cool is that! May God keep our hearts and minds stayed upon him in all we do. - Chuck

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